Monday, April 30, 2012

Take a Flat Friend to IBI Summit 2012 (Flat Gerry, that is)

Information Builders doesn't limit innovation and creativity to just producing software products like WebFOCUS.

No, they even apply it to their annual users' group conferences.

Jake Freivald, VP of Marketing, announced today a special "Flat Gerry" theme in preparation to IBI sending each Summit attendee a special gift in the mail. 

If you are attending the iWay and WebFOCUS annual event in June, you probably got this message from Jake: 
Flat Stanley, Jeff Brown’s popular children’s book is about a young boy who is flattened by a bulletin board. But he discovers some real advantages to being flat: he can slide under doors, fit between sidewalk grates, and be mailed anywhere in the world for an exciting adventure.
"Not-So Flat Gerry"Well, there’s a new flat guy in town – Flat Gerry, a paper cutout of our CEO Gerry Cohen. And he’s coming to visit you soon in the US Mail.
While he’s your guest, we’d like you to produce a short video featuring Flat Gerry. 
You can show Flat Gerry learning about your organization and how you use our products. You can invite him to sit in on a team meeting. Heck, maybe he'd like to see the sights in your city!  All we ask is that you have fun and be creative. With permission, a selection of videos will be shown during the Summit 2012 keynote presentation.

Get your crayons and cameras ready!

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