Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Convert Legacy FOCUS Batch Jobs to WebFOCUS

One of the major challenges in converting legacy FOCUS on the mainframe is the number of batch jobs written with JCL.  Now, the challenges of manually analyzing and changing these jobs have been overcome.

Partner Intelligence has enhanced its BI Consolidator software for mainframe JCL.  For analysis and a conversion roadmap, the application can automatically scan, analyze, and inventory the instructions contained in the job stream.  After that, the BI Consolidator can automatically create new versions of the JCL: a legacy "test" version along with a new WebFOCUS "test" version for parallel testing, plus  a new WebFOCUS version for moving into production.

The BI Consolidator currently offers two options for converting mainframe jobs with FOCUS steps.  First, we can easily convert MVS FOCUS to Unix System Services WebFOCUS.  You eliminate your legacy text-based FOCUS license and usage, move to the web version, yet still have mainframe data access.  Your current FOCUS batch jobs continue to work, just using new web technology under the covers.  If you want, you can enhance the batch job outputs to take advantage of new WebFOCUS features, or simply leave everything running as-is.

A second BI Consolidator option is to automatically convert the JCL to replace MVS FOCUS processes with those running on a zLinux partition using TCP remote calls.  This technique allows you to offload mainframe processing while keeping your legacy batch job streams.  This is especially important if you have integrated other mainframe technologies into the FOCUS batch stream (e.g., COBOL steps, IMS batch access, TSO batch access, IDCAMS, external sorts, and so forth).

The BI Consolidator also provides documentation features that generate new job listings with special highlighting as well as test plan spreadsheets.  These help guide and simplify the parallel testing work.

Partner Intelligence's BI Consolidator application eliminates all of the manual coding typically involved with converting mainframe JCL with FOCUS steps to run with WebFOCUS.  It does this with zero defects and at a rate of about 20 jobs per second.  Any alternative manual approach is a waste of your company's money as well as unnecessary risk.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact me.

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